We make sure our customers get the best animal feed supplements with the best possible price.
est possible price.

Technovet Services has been active in the field since 1991 based in Dali, Nicosia and is involved in the import and distribution of products such as:

  • Vitamins & Minerals Supplements
  • Lickings Blocks
  • Milk Replacement
  • Drinking water soluble products to prevent cases due to nutritional deficiencies and malfunctions such as nutrition, ketosis, hypocalcemia, pregnancy toxicity
  • Vitamins, Amino acids & Electrolytes for use in water
  • Accessories & tools, necessary for the zootechnical management of the units
  •  Printing Eartags
  • Lifestock for milk and meat
  • Seeds
  • Frozen Semen 

The company has long-standing partnerships with product manufacturers that it imports and distributes from the European Union
The selection of products is based on their response to the needs of modern Cyprus farming and is evolving to follow the trends of nutrition and plant management.