• Bee Feed Supplement | Water Soluble Supplement Bee Vit Plus Amino with vitamins and aminoacids.
  • Feed supplement | Milk Licking Blocks rich in trace elements with addition of Lactose.
    Product usage of milk licking block:
    • Milk Block serves for the addition of lactose
    • It is an ideal food for strengthening the animal diet with minerals and lactose
    • Used for all animals that produce milk
    Sold in 5 kg plates
  • Feed supplement | Mineral licking block with Molasses.
    Product usage of molasses licking block:
    • Achieve faster growth of animals
    • Increases the weight in fattening the animals
    • Stimulate the metabolism
    • Increases the appetite
    • Increases the absorption of other feeds
    • It’s a very good source of energy
    • It helps in conditions of stress
    • Increases the milk production
    Sold in 5 kg plates

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