It belongs to the new generation of Westerwoldicum ryegrass. Obtained by Semillas Batlle, it has been included in the List of Spanish Commercial Varieties in 2001. It is distinguished by its excellent performance in tests, great adaptability, good yield and quality.


Quick implantation with excellent performance in autumn, though if planted in spring also gets high yields.

This new variety features for its excellent yields. In our tests exceeded by 10% the most popular current varieties. In autumn exceeds by 8% the production of the witnesses and in spring by 12%. In the official registry tests it has behaved as the most productive variety in the last two campaigns.

  • Good resistance to rusts and Xanthomonas. Acceptable cold resistance..
  • Not too susceptible to lie down. High dry matter content. Good sustainability within its group. Excellent root system that improves the organic matter content of the soil.
  • Number of grains per gram: 350-400. Seeding rate: 30-40 kg/ha.