• Feed supplement | Energy Licking Blocks with vitamins and minerals for energy increase.
    Product usage of energy licking block:
    • The animal provides mineral substances and vitamins
    • Suitable for all categories of animals (cow, sheep, goat)
    • It has high content of vitamins and minerals
    • Increases the weight of the animal
    • Increases the energy of the animal
    • It regulates the quality of milk and meat
    • High milk yields
    • Increases milk grease
    Sold in 5 kg plates
  • Feed supplement | Milk Licking Blocks rich in trace elements with addition of Lactose.
    Product usage of milk licking block:
    • Milk Block serves for the addition of lactose
    • It is an ideal food for strengthening the animal diet with minerals and lactose
    • Used for all animals that produce milk
    Sold in 5 kg plates
  • Feed supplement rich in vitamins and minerals which meet the nutritional needs of productive animals. Its use contributes to the reinforcement of the animal, to the augmentation of milk production, to the immune boost and against laminitis. In general it improves the daily health of animals.
  • Enable animals to lick it by putting it next to mangers and waterers or hanging it through its middle hole in a distance that animals can reach comfortably. We leave the product for at will consumption from the animals. Product usage of mineral licking block plus:
    • Improves digestion of concentrated food
    • It fills the daily needs of the animal with mineral substances
    • It boosts the immune system
    • Ideal for all ruminants
    • Improves the health of the animal
    • Improves feed efficiency
    • Increases the weight of the animal
    Sold in 5 kg plates
  • Feed supplement | Mineral licking block with Molasses.
    Product usage of molasses licking block:
    • Achieve faster growth of animals
    • Increases the weight in fattening the animals
    • Stimulate the metabolism
    • Increases the appetite
    • Increases the absorption of other feeds
    • It’s a very good source of energy
    • It helps in conditions of stress
    • Increases the milk production
    Sold in 5 kg plates
  • Δινονται σε ζωα σαν συμπληρωματα λόγω αυξημενων αναγκων, που παρουσιαζονται σε διαφορες φάσεις της παραγωγικης ζωης τους οπου τα συμπηρωματα των τροφων καποτε ειναι αδυνατο να τις καλυψουν
  • Product usage of protein licking block:
    • Provides the animal with proteins, vitamins and minerals
    • Increases milk grease
    • Increases body weight
    • High milk yields
    • Strengthens the immunity of the animal
    Sold in 5 kg plates
  • Ανόργανες συμπληρωματικές (ισοροπιστές) για όλα τα είδη ζώων και πτηνών και για κάθε παργωγικό στάδιο. Ισοροπιστές είναι ισοροπημένα συμπληρώματα που έχουν μέσα προμείγματα Bιταμίνών και ιχνοστοιχείων, μπορείνα συμπεριλαμβάνουν, μαγία, αλάτι, σόδα, πηγές ασβεστίου, φωσφόρου, αμινοξέα κλπ.
  • Υψηλής ποιότητας & διατροφικής αξίας λίπος σε συσκευασία 25 kg
  • Πρόμιγμα βιταμίνων και ιχνοστοιχεία για μεγάλα και μικρά μυρηκαστικά και άλλα είδη ζώων σε διάφορες φάσεις της παραγωγικής τους ζωής.

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