Energy Licking Block

Feed supplement | Energy Licking Blocks with vitamins and minerals for energy increase.

Product usage of energy licking block:

  • The animal provides mineral substances and vitamins
  • Suitable for all categories of animals (cow, sheep, goat)
  • It has high content of vitamins and minerals
  • Increases the weight of the animal
  • Increases the energy of the animal
  • It regulates the quality of milk and meat
  • High milk yields
  • Increases milk grease

Sold in 5 kg plates

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Nutritional Information Content in kg
Content in kg
Vitamin A 12000 UI
Vitamin D3 2000 UI
Vitamin E 250 mg
Dextrose 3700 mg
Lactose 2200 mg
Fat 2000 mg
Molasses 3000 mg
Calcium 25000 mg
Monocalcium phosphate 3500 mg
Zinc (oxide) 420 mg
Iron (oxide) 1200 mg
Magnesium (oxide) 3000 mg
Manganese (oxide) 200 mg
Cobalt 35 mg
Selenium 25 mg
Iodine 60 mg
Sodium chloride 31 %

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